If involved in an accident:

  • Who do I call first?
  • Do I or the panel beater contact my insurance company?
  • How long before a claim is approved and repairs commence?
  • Are repairs guaranteed?
  • Who do I pay the excess to – Insurance company or Panel Beater?
  • If the car is written off can I remove objects from the car?
  • While getting insurance repairs done, can I get private work done and pay for it myself?

Q. What do I do?
A. Inform your Insurance Company you’ve had an accident and tell them you want us to repair your car.

Q. Can I decide who repairs my car or does the Insurance Company do it?
A. Yes you decide it is your car after all, not theirs.

Q. What if my car doesn’t drive and needs a tow truck?
A.  We can organise that as we have our own vehicle recovery company.

Q. Who pays for the towing?
A. If it’s an insurance job, then the insurance company will cover the cost or recovering your vehicle to our premises.

Q. Do I have to negotiate with the Insurance Company?
A. No, all you have to do is put in your claim with them and we manage the repair negations for you.

Q. What will my vehicle be like when you have finished with it, will people be able to tell it’s been damaged?
A. Your vehicle will be repaired to factory specifications with the latest electronic measuring, repair equipment and painting technology.

Q. Can I come in whilst my vehicle is being repaired?
A. You are welcome to visit any time to see the progress of your vehicle.

Q. Will I have an Insurance excess to pay?
A. Only if you are at fault, on the other party cannot be contacted.

Q. How do I know I can trust you to repair my vehicle properly?
A. All we say is simple ask around our reputation talks for itself. You are welcome to come for an inspection before you bring your car to use as we have nothing to hide.

Q. I don’t live in Whangarei does that matter?
A. Not at all.  We can stay in touch with you through phone, text or email. We can work around you for pick up or delivery or your vehicle.

Q. What’s left to do now?
A. Simply call us or come in for a visit so you know where to go if you need us.